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Chengming(Alex) Ren

Chengming(Alex) Ren is Founding Managing Partner at Fellows Fund and CEO at TalentSeer. 


Chengming(Alex) Ren was Managing Partner of BoomingStar Ventures, a subsidiary company of Bojiang Capital (subsidiary fund of Bojiang Capital, which is a $1.5B fund. An investor of Vicarious, ZY Health), Founder of AI recruiting firm TalentSeer and founder at, an online community for AI engineers and researchers.


Alex is unique in the startup world. He’s an entrepreneur and a proactive investor in the AI space. In 2015, an interest in data science led him to start an AI-powered talent search firm, TalentSeer, which now represents one of the pioneering AI recruiting firms in the Bay Area. It helps more than 100 companies a year to build scientist teams in both AI enterprises and AI startups.


Prior to his current role, Alex worked at Agilent Technologies, and he has over 18 years of experience in marketing across Artificial Intelligence, enterprise software, telecommunication, and semiconductor sectors. In Alex’s words, talent is the biggest driver of success, so TalentSeer and Fellows Fund aims to capture both the best talent and investment opportunities to boost the market share.

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