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Chengming(Alex) Ren

Alex Ren is an entrepreneur, investor, and founding partner at Fellows Fund based in San Francisco Bay Area. With a strong background in AI and Business, Alex is passionate about driving innovation and supporting cutting-edge ventures.

As a founding partner at Fellows Fund, Alex has been instrumental in reimagining venture capital. Through an exclusive group of Fellows, Alex collaborates with experts in the tech community to acquire, support, and commercialize early-stage companies. This unique approach combines industry expertise and forward-thinking perspectives to drive success.

In addition to his role at Fellows Fund, Alex has made strategic investments in various companies. As an investor, he believes in supporting disruptive startups that leverage advanced technologies, particularly in the field of AI. His recent investments include Truewind, an AI-powered accounting startup transforming financial back-office experiences for startups, and Aikium, a protein therapeutics startup incorporating breakthroughs in synthetic biology and deep learning.

Alex has also invested in companies like OmniML, Space and Time, Ancilia Inc., Mysten Labs, Normalyze, Quadrata Inc., Obsidian Security, Spectrum Labs, Meaning, Viva Translate, InsightFinder Inc., and more. Each investment reflects his dedication to empowering groundbreaking technology and fostering innovation.

With a strong presence in the industry, Alex actively contributes to the community. He has authored articles on various topics, sharing his insights and experiences with a wide audience. Alex's expertise and forward-thinking mindset make him a sought-after leader and influencer in the technology landscape.

If you're interested in connecting with Alex or exploring potential opportunities in the tech sector, please reach out via email or LinkedIn.

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