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Anshul Pande

Anshul Pande is the current Chief Technological Officer and Vice President at Stanford Children's Health.


With nearly two decades of expertise as an executive across the healthcare and technology industries,  Anshul Pande developed a unique portfolio in digital transformation, creating scalable strategies to support high-growth companies and building expert teams skilled in tactical execution.


With Anshul Pande's expertise in scaling solutions and building teams, his companies achieved uncharted levels of growth and success. As the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President for Stanford Children’s Health, Anshul drove transformation and innovation while transitioning legacy systems, creating a new video visit program, and implementing advanced technology solutions during a $1.4B hospital expansion.


Prior to Stanford Children’s Health, Anshul Pande served as CTO and VP for ProMedica, skillfully leading change and digital transformation across three M&As and one divestiture. This experience provided him with valuable expertise in optimizing processes and facilitating operational excellence as he guided implementation of an enterprise-wide EHR platform which replaced 40 EHRs.


At the start of Anshul Pande's career, he spent 10 years in a software company which experienced rapid growth throughout his tenure. Ultimately serving as the Director, Systems for Epic, Anshul defined and set direction for 1600+ technical staff, overseeing the company’s rapid growth at 30% a year.

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