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Dragomir  Anguelov

Dragomir (Drago) is currently a Distinguished Scientist and Head of Research at Waymo. Since joining Waymo in 2018, he has led the Research team, which focuses on pushing the state of the art in autonomous driving systems using machine learning. To date, Drago's publications in machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics and robotics have been cited more than 69000 times.


Prior to Waymo, he led the team which built the 3D perception stack at Zoox. Earlier in his career Drago spent eight years at Google, where he first worked on 3D vision and pose estimation for StreetView, and later led a research team developing computer vision annotation systems for Google Photos. The team invented popular methods such as the Inception neural network architecture, and the SSD object detector, which won the Imagenet 2014 Classification and Detection challenges. 

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