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Why Invest in 

Fellows Fund?


Fellow vetted investment opportunities in the next Google, Facebook


Learn from industry leaders


Diversify your investment portfolio 

We, together, build the next generation AI startups with deep industry expertise, broad pilot customer access and vetted talent pool

Investment Program


Investor Program

Hassle-free Investment opportunities

for early stage tech startup

  • Research Report

  • ​Talk to industry experts

  • Bi-weekly deal sharing

  • Connect top talent

  • Portfolio Report

  • Invest amount from $100,000 and up


Fellow Program

Opportunities to lead the project,

Identify potential IPO startups

  • Lead deals and interview process

  • Refer deals and investors

  • Provide Due Diligence infomation

  • Support needed regarding funding, co-founder decision, validation of ideas, peer-to-peer discussion, talent solution, etc

Requirements for Fellows Fund Fellow or Investor Program 


Passionate in tech investment

or aim to prospect the industry


Accredited Investor

(click for definition)

Connect to be a Proud Fellow / Investor

Apply to join Fellows Fund Slack community.
Source, discuss, evaluate and invest in deals together.

You shall receive an email invite to join our Slack shortly.

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