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2021 AI x Investments x Wine Event

Fellows Fund October 20th event titled “AI x Investment x Wine” gathered 50+ guests and fellows from the high tech industry to share insights regarding state-of-the-art technology, at the same time, discuss where future investment opportunities might lie. This exclusive on-site event was hosted by Fellows Fund at Ridge Vineyard Monte Bello location, featuring the following leaders from Google, Amazon, Facebook, ServiceNow, Instacart, Twitter, Pinterest, Cruise, and Waymo.

Investors and Fellows meetup at Ridges Vineyard

Our fellows and guests include:

Vijay Narayanan, Chief AI Officer of ServiceNow

Jia Li, Adjunct Professor at Stanford, Ex-Sr Director of Google Cloud AI

Lei Yang, VP of Twitter

Haixun Wang, VP of Instacart, IEEE Fellow

Stefano Corazza, VP/Fellow of Adobe

Deepak Agarwal, VP of Pinterest, Ex-VP of Linkedin AI

Millind Mittal, VP, and Fellow, Datacenter Technologies at Xilinx

Xu Zou, VP of Network Security at Palo Alto Networks

Dragomir Anguelov, Head of Research at Waymo

Hussein Mehanna, VP, Head of AI/ML at Cruise


Event at Ridge Vineyard Monte Bello Location in Cupertino

This event was an incredible opportunity to bring together leaders in AI from industries ranging from robotics and fintech to consumer content and the metaverse,” says Alex Ren, managing partner at Fellows Fund. The key is to make the networking experience seamless and easy for both fellows and investors.


Guests playing Fellows Fund Special Designed Bingo Game

Participants were eager to learn from each other in a warm and collegial environment, something that was sorely missed during the difficult pandemic months. Optimism on the potential for this AI community fund to build a bridge that will result in new companies being formed and funded.


Drago Anguelov (Head of Research at Waymo) with Hussein Mehanna (Head of AI at Cruise)

To facilitate valuable discussions about AI, Investment and different domains, Fellows Fund designed their Halloween themed BINGO game for purpose mingling, followed by a group discussion of a wide selection of topics, including but not limited to Metaverse, Fintech, Enterprise, AV/robotics, etc.


Join us to learn about why invest, what to invest
and how to invest in valuable startups


More Event Photos:

About Fellows Fund:

Fellows Fund captures the best early AI startups with an expert network that guides entrepreneurs past roadblocks into new customers and critical hires. We assembled the top practicing AI leaders and made them partners in the fund - from Microsoft (CTO-Azure AI), ServiceNow (SVP- Chief AI Officer), and the Top of AI organizations at Pinterest, Instacart, Twitter, Adobe, Goldman Sachs along with pioneering CS professors from Stanford, UCSD and Duke. This brain trust collaborates on the acquisition, support, and commercialization of early-stage AI companies from each of their innovative perspectives.

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