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Sanchan Saxena

Sanchan Saxena is a VP of Product at Coinbase, where he is responsible for working on the latest innovations happening within the bleeding edges of crypto. Sanchan leads the teams integrating new blockchains on Coinbase, enabling our customers to access the new world of decentralized finance (DeFi), onboarding merchants around the world into the cryptoeconomy, and building gateways to new crypto innovations such as NFTs. Sanchan oversees the management of Coinbase’s ecosystem partners, including asset issuers, merchants, developers, and organizations building decentralized protocols, applications, products, and more.

Prior to Coinbase, Sanchan was the General Manager at Airbnb, where he led a cross-functional team of product management, engineering, design and operations for Airbnb. Before Airbnb, Sanchan spent time at Facebook and Instagram building social and commerce products such as Instagram Shopping.

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