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Portfolio Companies

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Create foundational infrastructure to accelerate web3 adoption

AI-Based Incident Prediction & Prevention


Machine Translation for

Freelancers and Remote Teams


Powerful AI on edge devices at a fraction of the existing compute, memory, and energy budget


AI-powered technology to help consumer brands recognize and respond to harmful behavior in audio and text content

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Data-first cloud security platform


Comprehensive SaaS Security and Compliance

Raised $120M

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Brand placement in Roblox, web3 gaming, and the Metaverse

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AI-based protocol for validating NFT content authenticity across all chains

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Pioneer in Data Cloud Efficiency, delivering next-gen data infrastructure on clouds

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Establish Trust and Identification via Sybil resistant DIDs and KYC/AML natively on-chain

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Real-time Accent



Decentralized Data Platform

for Web3


Aikium: Protein therapeutics via deep learning and synthetic biology 

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