Our Story

We formed Fellows Fund in April 2021, to share our hard-won knowledge and positions at leading firms with the next generation of founders who would benefit from our mentorship in bringing their concepts to life.


Who We Are

With operating, research, and academic backgrounds, we have run some of the most dynamic and groundbreaking product lines at the leading technology companies in history.


The fund’s day to day operations are managed by Alex Ren - an early AV researcher, investor, and founder of TalentSeer.com, the top AI recruiting firm as well as Andrew Grinalds - founder of insurtech company Journey.com and early employee of Twitter, A16Z, and General Catalyst’s West Coast office. 

Our Vision

We believe in sharing what we’ve learned so you can bring AI into mainstream adoption. We believe the time is now and with our help, you can accomplish everything you dreamed of. 


Fellows.Fund structures collaboration between the inventors of modern AI and their legacy - innovators who apply it far and wide.

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."
- Isaac Newton

A venture firm owned and operated by the world's most esteemed technical minds. This is the forum where daring founders meet the makers. 


Xuedong Huang

CTO at Microsoft Azure AI

Milestone Research in AI

Charles Elkan

CS Professor at UC San Diego

MD of Machine Learning at Goldman Sachs

Anshul Pande

CTO and VP at Stanford Children's Health

former VP and CTO at ProMedica

Gang Hua

VP of Chief Scientist at Blibee

former Chief Science Advisor at Microsoft

Daniel Kokotov

VP of Engineering at Rev.com

former Director of R&D at 5AM Solutions


Each fellow maintains both their ownership in the fund and their position in industry or academia to be maximally helpful to our portfolio.


We hold pitch meetings live over video calls, and come to consensus on investments without convening in person. 


What’s on offer to you is our network and experience - these are the ideal set of resources as you chart a technical path for your firm, winning both customers and talent when we choose you. 


Vijay Narayanan

SVP of Engineering at ServiceNow

Chief AI Officer

Lei Yang

VP of Engineering at Twitter

former VP of Engineering at Quora

Haixun Wang

VP of Engineering Instacart

IEEE Fellow

Stefano Corazza

VP and Fellow at Adobe

Director of Augmented Reality

Barron Caster

GM at Rev.ai

Startup Investor and Advisor





The development of AI and incorporation into the mainstream has given us experience which we wish to impart to founders to help them avoid mistakes and grow their business successfully. 


Two things every company needs are talent and customers. Our network and current positions help to provide these crucial ingredients to your growth, and we give them freely to our portfolio companies.


AI is still misunderstood by many non-technical investors and customers. When we back your company, we signal this is a bankable and salable concept which can be brought into production.


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