Biology Fellow

Kristin Gleitsman

Kristin Gleitsman has dedicated nearly two decades to building and leading R&D teams in the diagnostics and life sciences sector. Currently serving as the VP of Discovery Research at Veracyte, a prominent global diagnostics company, she continues to drive innovation in the field. Prior to her role at Veracyte, Kristin spent almost six years expanding the oncology technology development team at Guardant Health, where she played a key role in developing diagnostic assays, including the first FDA-approved liquid biopsy test.

Kristin’s academic training at Caltech (Chemistry PhD ) and Stanford (Biochemistry Postdoc) focused on quantitative biophysical chemistry, specifically developing a chemical-scale understanding of the structure and function of biological macromolecules. Kristin is the recipient of both a Gates Cambridge Scholarship and a Fulbright Scholarship.

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